Palace of Parliament Tour

Have a chance to see the Palace of Parliament, often referred to as 'The People's House,'. The building stands as a symbol of Communist megalomania fused with Neoclassical architecture. Second in size only to the Pentagon, this colossal administrative building, begun in 1984 and still incomplete, spans a staggering 330,000 square meters and boasts over 3,000 rooms. Views on this structure vary from a testament to Romanian builders' skill to an architectural monstrosity. Yet, it undeniably holds a prominent place in Bucharest's skyline. With three Guinness World Records to its name, it reigns as the world's largest and costliest civic administration building, stretching 270 meters in length, 245 meters in width, and rising 86 meters in height.


Available time frames: Wednesday, 29th of May,12:00

Length: 1 hour + security check time (aprox. 1 hour)

Price: 30 eur/ person

*The confirmation if the tour will happen is coming one day in advance. If there are any events in the building on that day, the tour will unfortunately cancel or change to a new location

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Food & Beer Tour

Join us on a tour where we uncover the hidden gems of the city. We'll explore the lesser-known corners of the city, indulge in traditional dishes, and savor craft beer. Along the way, we'll also discover beloved local street food spots. The package includes local beer and a taste of authentic Romanian cuisine. Get ready for a culinary adventure that's off the beaten path!


Available time frames: Thursday 30th of May, 11:00

Length: 3 hours

Price: 65 eur/ person

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Wine & Records

A visit to the Museum of Records in Bucharest - home to the world's largest collection of corkscrews, followed by a delightful social gathering over a glass of wine. Experience an extraordinary blend of history, culture, and indulgence in the heart of the city!


Available time frames: Wednesday 29th of May, 16:30

Length: 3 hours

Price: 70 eur/ person

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Introduction Tour

Pedestrian tour in the heart of the city - Victory Avenue and the Old Town. We'll start the adventure at the ASE (Academy of Economic Studies) and dive into the vibrant energy of the city's central hub. Get ready for an exhilarating exploration


Available time frames: Tuesday, 28th of May, 15:00

Length: 2 hours

Price: 18 eur/ pers

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Alternative Street Art Tour

A pedestrian tour with a special focus on the urban art of murals and graffiti in the city. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of street art as we explore the colorful and captivating masterpieces that adorn the city's walls. From thought-provoking murals to awe-inspiring graffiti, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the artistic expression that thrives on the streets. Join us on a journey where every corner unveils a new canvas of creativity, and discover the hidden stories and cultural significance behind these striking urban artworks.


Available time frames: Thursday 30th of May, 14:00

Length: 2 - 3 hours

Price: 18 eur/ person

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Hidden Bucharest & Wine Tasting

We uncover a hidden, less touristy side of the city that preserves the ambiance of the 19th century - the Belle Époque neighborhoods and charming local quarters. Along the way, we'll make stops at two venues to savor Romanian wines. The tour includes four local wines and delightful Romanian cheese. Join us for a journey through time and flavor!


Available time frames: Tuesday 28th of May, 17:30

Length: 3 hours

Price: 52 eur/ person

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Beer Tour

You'll embark on a journey that includes three stops at craft beer venues, where you'll uncover the story of Romanian beer and the city's tales from one stop to the next. The tour includes three craft beers and a delightful local snack. Get ready for a unique adventure that blends culture, friendship, and the vibrant world of craft beer!


Available time frames: Wednesday 29th of May, 17:00

Length: 3 hours

Price: 55 eur/ pers

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